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This CD of meditations and affirmations is amazing! I could hardly wait to crack it open and listen to it when I got it yesterday! Talk about uplifting, talk about grounding all at the same time...Love it, love it, love it. Thank you Shannon Kropf and Cynthia Alice Anderson! What a great tool to have along on this journey of prosperity and soul growth.
— D. Cox, Orlando
Meditations and Affirmations for PRSPRTY 4U (MP3)

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Meditations and Affirmations for PRSPRTY 4U

A collection of guided meditations and affirmations designed to uplift you soul towards prosperity and abundance!

These tracks are divided into four topics: Change, Giving Away, Gratitude, and Connection and can be use independently or in support the PRSPRTY 4U curriculum developed by Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson.



This record is a child of the "PRSPRTY 4U" album. It contains four songs with no meditation narration, so that you can use these for your own meditation times without a guide:

  • Forest Walk
  • Four Trees (Dottie's Song)
  • A Quiet Talk
  • The Great Cloud of Witnesses

These tracks are also great for concentration work, relaxing, and drifting off to sleep.


evergreen (MP3)
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