Shannon Kropf is a charismatic creator of vibrant works to encourage the light-minded.


Shannon creates music that connects listeners to the divine.


Shannon shares her soul and connects hearts and minds in our common humanity.



 Shannon approaches spiritual topics from an enlightened, scholarly perspective.

This CD of meditations and affirmations is amazing! I could hardly wait to crack it open and listen to it when I got it yesterday! Talk about uplifting, talk about grounding all at the same time...Love it, love it, love it. Thank you Shannon Kropf and Cynthia Alice Anderson! What a great tool to have along this journey of prosperity and soul growth.
— D. Cox, Orlando, FL
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Meditations and Affirmations for PRSPRTY 4U (MP3)

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A collection of guided meditations and affirmations designed to uplift you soul towards prosperity and abundance!

These tracks are divided into four topics: Change, Giving Away, Gratitude, and Connection and can be use independently or in support the PRSPRTY 4U curriculum developed by Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson.