Happy Election Day

Today marks the 12th anniversary of my first date with my husband. It was a grand night of quiet conversation and lots of laughter. That was also an election day. I was also in college then, as I am now. I voted on that day, as I will today. In my mind, it was also rainy, as it is today, though I freely admit that this might be the product of an over-romanticized memory. At any rate, the paralles between that day and this are striking. As with any lovely date, we didn't pay much attention to the politics of that night, and I discovered the next morning that Clinton had carried the vote. That was the last election in which I voted, succumbing to the then-popular malaise found commonly among the 18-24 demographic who have yet to have anything at stake (so they think). Of course, I will remedy the oversight of my voting record by making the dutiful and time-honored journey to the local high school to play my part in the unfolding of a nation.

There is no point to this entry except remembering. So, yeah.