Random Thoughts

I need to hit the sack. Boy, do I. I just finished another section of another chapter of the Visible School music theory book. I'm getting quite swift at it now; I write the text and place the examples in Finale, and Dave gets the pages laid out in InDesign. All told, right now it takes me 1-2 hours to write a section, and about an hour to compose the example figures and homework exercises. Which comes out to 6-9 hours a week working on this. It's a bit of pressure, but I am hoping that the end result is a work of excellence without the unnecessary over-academia.

I am excited to say that I am going to get cranking on some new music and new creative projects soon. I have a rehearsal with my dear friend Cam and a new friend, Bryan, on Tuesday. God has placed a new sound in my heart, a worship and expression of life that simply...grooves. I hope we have fun. I simply want to sing and play and have a good time.

I am feeling generally healthier lately, which is lovely. Last week was quite rough. I was really on an emotional roller coaster and simply feeling overwhelmed with the amount of things that I must accomplish - there is no choice to fail - within the next three months. I know that God has been a faithful provider of time, energy, and resources for two years now as I have taught full time, written a theory textboon, gone to school full time, and been involved in some creative musical outlets. I can see relief coming in the form of a long break over the upcoming summer. I just pray that I can make it that long.

I think that's it. I'm trying to give myself permission to make mistakes. A big mistake for me right now would be to not go to bed this very minute.


(Poopy old Patriots. Boooooooh.)