A Conversation



Me:  The Lord is my shepherd. I will not lack anything. He gives me rest in beautiful, green fields. He lets me lay down and take a nap beside quiet, cool water. He refreshes and restores the very best and most inner parts of me. Even when I walk through the most horrible and fearsome of places, I don't have to be terrified, because he guides me along, and when i wander too far, he breaks me for my own protection. God, you actively prepare for me all that I need for life, sustenance, and joy, and you do it right in front of everyone who is against me, or with whom I just can't make relationship work, no matter how hard I try and pray and cry. You bless me and I am overwhelmingly, exceedingly grateful and bounteously cared for. Without a doubt, you are my rear guard and protector every single day that you allow me to draw breath, and there will never in this life or in the next be any separation from you, ever.

God:  My child, I don't think like you do, and I don't do things the way you would do them. Outer space is infinitely higher than the ground you walk on, and just like that, the way I think about things, and perceive things, and do things, is infinitely higher and better than the way you do them.

Darling, stop dwelling on the past. Forget it completely. I'm doing something entirely new, created from scratch. Can you really not see it? Right this moment, it's starting up, with energy and momentum! Don't you feel it? I am laying out a brand new highway through the middle of a crazy forest; I'm installing running water in the Deadlands. Even birds and animals show me respect for doing this, even though I do it for the children I love, so they will have a way to move forward and something to drink when they are parched. I made you all for myself, I chose you of all people to shout and sing and announce and declare that I'm freaking awesome.

See, I'm going to fulfill my promises to you. I know what I'm doing, and I know what comes next for you. I have plans to make you thrive and blossom, to be successful. They're not plans to injure or damage you, or to cause you trauma. I have a future for you, not just a past. I will give you hope. See, I already know you are turning to me, and I hear you talking. I'm listening. I know you're looking for me, and when you give your whole being and absolutely all you are to finding me, I'll be found. I know you feel incarcerated. I will release you and bring you back. Right now, I've deported you, but I'm telling you that I'll also bring you back to the exact place from which I ejected you.

Even more than that, I'm going to show you things that right now are fenced in and hidden. Big things that you can't even perceive right now. You don't even know.

See, when I release you, I'm also going to give you health and healing. You'll be cured of the stuff that's bugging you right now. I'll reveal--meaning, it already exists--copious prosperity, security, peace, and stability.

-Psalm 23, Isaiah 5, Jeremiah 29 and 33.